Commit d35a4ebc authored by Antoine Suel's avatar Antoine Suel Adding lualatex and fix charset typo

* source/ here.
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......@@ -64,4 +64,21 @@ rst_prolog = '''
extlinks = {'lrde': (lrde_root_url + '%s', ''),
'tiger': ('', '')}
#charset_table: "U+00C8->e, U+00C9->e, U+00CA->e, U+00CB->e"
charset_table="0..9, A..Z->a..z, _, a..z, \
U+C0->a, U+C1->a, U+C2->a, U+C3->a, U+C4->a, U+C5->a, U+C6->a, \
U+E0->a, U+E1->a, U+E2->a, U+E3->a, U+E4->a, U+E5->a, U+E6->a, U+C7->c,U+E7->c,\
U+C8->e, U+C9->e, U+CA->e, U+CB->e, U+E8->e, U+E9->e, U+EA->e, U+EB->e, \
U+CC->i, U+CD->i, U+CE->i, U+CF->i, U+EC->i, U+ED->i, U+EE->i, U+EF->i, \
U+00C8->e, U+00C9->e, U+00CA->e, U+00CB->e, U+00E8->e, U+00E9->e, U+00EA->e, \
U+00EB->e, U+0112->e, U+0113->e, U+0114->e, U+0115->e, U+0116->e, U+0117->e, \
U+0118->e, U+0119->e, U+011A->e, U+011B->e, U+018E->e, U+0190->e, U+01DD->e, \
U+0204->e, U+0205->e, U+0206->e, U+0207->e, U+0228->e, U+0229->e, U+0246->e, \
U+0247->e, U+0258->e, U+025B->e, U+025C->e, U+025D->e, U+025E->e, U+029A->e, \
U+1D07->e, U+1D08->e, U+1D31->e, U+1D32->e, U+1D49->e, U+1D4B->e, U+1D4C->e, \
U+1D92->e, U+1D93->e, U+1D94->e, U+1D9F->e, U+1E14->e, U+1E15->e, U+1E16->e, \
U+1E17->e, U+1E18->e, U+1E19->e, U+1E1A->e, U+1E1B->e, U+1E1C->e, U+1E1D->e, \
U+1EB8->e, U+1EB9->e, U+1EBA->e, U+1EBB->e, U+1EBC->e, U+1EBD->e, U+1EBE->e, \
U+1EBF->e, U+1EC0->e, U+1EC1->e, U+1EC2->e, U+1EC3->e, U+1EC4->e, U+1EC5->e, \
U+1EC6->e, U+1EC7->e, U+2091->e, U+21D2->e,"
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