Commit 7439bf2f authored by Roland Levillain's avatar Roland Levillain

Regen ChangeLog.

Using the following command:

  gitlog-to-changelog --no-cluster --format='%s%n%n%b%n' \
    --since=2012-05-17 | sed 's/^\t */\t/'
parent 06caea67
2012-10-31 Theophile Ranquet <>
Version 0.25
2012-10-31 Theophile Ranquet <>
Fix a typo.
* tests/ (HAVM_pass): Here.
2012-10-31 Theophile Ranquet <>
Fix a symbolic comparison token inversion in scanner
* THANKS (Pablo Oliveira, Theophile Ranquet): Add.
* src/Scan.hs (scanToKeyword): Here.
* tests/ Adjust for...
* tests/cmp.lir,
* tests/cmp.out,
* tests/cmp.test:
...this new test.
Reported by Pablo Oliveira.
2012-05-16 Roland Levillain <>
Add the text of the project's license (GPL v2).
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