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vmmonad: added Monad.Fail compliance for Monad Mnd solving #5

With GHC 8.6, [the option -XMonadFailDesugaring is enabled by default](,
causing partial pattern matches in `do`-statement to desugar with the
`fail` method from the `MonadFail` class.

* src/VMMonad.hs: here.
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......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ import Memory (Memory)
import Annotation (Ann)
import Opt (OptVal)
import Control.Monad (ap, liftM)
import qualified Control.Monad.Fail as Fail
import qualified Cpu (initialize, rfetch, rstore, rpush, rpop)
import qualified Code (initialize, cload, cfind, cstore, cfetch)
import qualified Level (initialize, lfetch, lstore)
......@@ -61,6 +62,11 @@ instance Monad Mnd where
do x <- c r
case f x of (Mnd c') -> c' r
fail =
instance Fail.MonadFail Mnd where
fail = error "fail: invalid pattern matching"
run :: Mnd a -> IO a
run (Mnd c) =
do m <- Memory.initialize 65536 16384
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