Commit ace6df97 authored by Etienne Renault's avatar Etienne Renault
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declare static functions as inline to avoid gcc complaints

*  src/emit.c: here.
parent 8c499c9c
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ void emit_header ()
output ("#ifndef g_new\n"
"static void *\n"
"inline static void *\n"
"mono_burg_xmalloc_ (size_t size)\n"
" void *p;\n"
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ void emit_header ()
output ("#ifndef g_error\n"
"static int\n"
"inline static int\n"
"mono_burg_error_ (const char *format, ...)\n"
" int n = 0;\n"
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