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    Benoit Perrot authored
    from  Benoît Perrot  <benoit@lrde.epita.fr>
    2005-01-08  Benoît Perrot  <benoit@lrde.epita.fr>
    	Migrate to bison2.0a.
    	* dev/parse-asm-parse-gen.py: Call the parser with a filename and
    	a program builder instead of using global variables. Use bison's
    	builtin system to print token values. Remove global program builder.
    	* dev/parse-asm-scan-gen.py: Remove global string for file name. 
    	Use yy::location instead of yy::Location.
    	* src/parse/asm-scan.hh: Call the scanner with a trace flag.
    	* src/parse/libparse.hh, src/parse/libparse.cc:
    	Declare trace flags as booleans. 
    	* src/vm/cp0.hh: Include common.hh to get exit_set.
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