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    2005-12-27 Benoît Perrot <benoit@lrde.epita.fr> · ab222035
    Benoit Perrot authored
    	print is still a python keyword
    	* src/misc/table.hh,
    	* src/inst/register.hh,
    	* src/inst/exp.hh, src/inst/exp.cc,
    	* src/inst/op_exp.hh, src/inst/op_exp.cc,
    	* src/inst/label_exp.hh, src/inst/label_exp.cc,
    	* src/inst/section.hh,
    	* src/inst/data_section.hh, src/inst/data_section.cc,
    	* src/inst/text_section.hh, src/inst/text_section.cc,
    	* src/inst/program.hh,
    	* src/vm/cpu.hh, src/vm/cpu.cc,
    	* src/vm/virtual_machine.hh:
    	(print) Rename as...
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