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    2005-09-03 Benoît Perrot <benoit@lrde.epita.fr> · c87d6b9a
    Benoit Perrot authored
    	Detect several definitions of the same label in a section.
    	* src/inst/section.hh (register_label):
    	Return false when label is already known in the section, true
    	otherwise. Move implementation to...
    	* src/inst/section.cc, src/inst/Makefile.am:
    	This new file.
    	* src/inst/data_section.hh, src/inst/data_section.cc,
    	* src/inst/text_section.hh, src/inst/text_section.cc (define_label):
    	Propagate status of register_label.
    	* src/inst/program_builder.hh.gen.py:
    	Generate an error when a label is defined more than once.
    	* tests/solve/data-label-already-defined.s,
    	* tests/solve/text-label-already-defined.s,
    	* tests/solve/Makefile.am:
    	Test it.