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    Add TAF-Kit for Z weighted automata. · 347b957a
    Michaël Cadilhac authored
    - taf-kit/src/ratexp_commands.hh: New. RatExp specific commands. Not
    common because RatExp are not handled for every type of automata.
    - taf-kit/src/common_commands.hh: Update accordingly.
    - taf-kit/src/interface.hh,
    - taf-kit/src/interface.cc: New. Interface to choose a command and to
    list them.
    - taf-kit/src/commands.hh,
    - taf-kit/src/b_commands.cc: Update accordingly.
    - taf-kit/src/z_commands.cc: New. Z weighted automata support.
    - taf-kit/src/Makefile.am: Add `vcsn-z'.