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    2006-03-17 Raphael Poss <raph@lrde.epita.fr> · 6739151e
    Raphal Poss authored
    	Make Vaucanson a bit more usable when Xerces-C++ is not available.
    	* config/vaucanson_xml.m4: Add AC_DEFINE and AM_CONDITIONAL for
    	VCSN_USE_XML. Ensure both are set properly depending on
    	* check_xml.sh: Add. 
    	* boostrap.sh: Run check_xml.sh. Run find_tests.sh using sh (for
    	systems where scripts are not executables).
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/XML.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/error_handler.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/ios.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/node.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/session.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/strings.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/tools.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/xml_chooser.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/xml_converter.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/xerces_parser-hh.in,
    	* include/vaucanson/tools/xml_display.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/tools/xml_load.hh,	
    	* include/vaucanson/tools/xml_dump.hh: Complain early if
    	  VCSN_USE_XML is not set.
    	* include/vaucanson/tools/usual_macros.hh: Do not set STR2XML if
    	  VCSN_USE_XML is not set.
    	As a proof of concept, make the "automaton library" available even
    	when XML support is disabled. Make utilities more generic.
    	* include/vaucanson/tools/simple_dump.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/tools/simple_dump.hxx: Add.
    	* include/Makefile.am: Update accordingly.
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/dumper.hcc: Add logic to output
    	  automata to different formats, ignoring XML if it is not available.
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/Makefile.am: Update accordingly.
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/a1.cc,
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/b1.cc,
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/c1.cc,
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/divkbaseb.cc,
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/ladybird.cc,
    	* src/demos/automaton_library/double_ring.cc: Change to use dumper.hcc.
    	* doc/README-IO.txt: Add.
    	* doc/Makefile.am: Update accordingly.
    	* doc/README.txt: Mention README-IO. Mention FAQ.