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    2005-01-16 Raphael Poss <raph@lrde.epita.fr> · 988de5df
    Raphal Poss authored
            Update documentation.
            * doc/README.txt: Fix some mistakes. Add a "See Also" section.
            * src/demos/fsm/README: Rewrite to...
            * src/demos/fsm/README.txt: ...this.
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/doc,
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/doc/Makefile.am: New directory.
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/Makefile.am: Update accordingly.
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/README: Rewrite to...
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/doc/README.txt: ...this. Fix some
            mistakes. Add more information. Change the layout for easier
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/build-process.txt,
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/meta-build-process.txt: Rename to...
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/doc/build-process.txt,
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/doc/meta-build-process.txt: ...these.
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/doc/Makefile.am: Build documentation.
            * src/demos/vaucanswig/Makefile.am: Distribute expand.sh, since it
            is mentioned in the documentation.