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    TAF-Kit: Fix the epsilon of predefined alphabets in --help. · a0e7f8f2
    Jerome Galtier authored
    	* taf-kit/src/Makefile.am: Add new file to the distribution.
    	* taf-kit/src/main.cc: Only include the `predefined_alphabets.hh'
    	  header if relevant. Remove any reference to the `DEFAULT_EPSILON'
    	  macro. New variable `predefined_string', to hold the dynamically
    	  calculated string displayed when using --help.
    	  (main) [!NO_PREDEF_ALPHABETS]: Call the new
    	  `build_predefined_string' to populate `predefined_string'.
    	* taf-kit/src/predefined_alphabets.hh: Include the
    	  `parser_options.hh' header file. Remove the definition of
    	  `DEFAULT_EPSILON'. Declare new function `build_predefined_string'.
    	* taf-kit/src/predefined_alphabets.hxx: New: Add the implementation
    	  of the `build_predefined_string'.
    	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-b.test,
    	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-b.test,
    	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-z.test,
    	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-z.test: Add the regression test.