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    Add the pair-to-fmp command to TAF-Kit. · fa0869d6
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    * taf-kit/src/Makefile.am (vcsn_char_fmp_b_LDADD,
    vcsn_char_fmp_z_LDADD, vcsn_int_fmp_b_LDADD,
    vcsn_int_fmp_z_LDADD): Add the corresponding pair automaton
    * taf-kit/src/fmp_commands.cc (pair_to_fmp): New command.
    * taf-kit/src/getters.hxx (get_pair_aut): New function.
    * taf-kit/src/pipe_getters.hh, taf-kit/src/pipe_getters.hxx
    (pair_automaton_getter): New class.
    * taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-b.test,
    taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-fmp-z.test: Add more tests for ltl-to-pair
    and pair-to-fmp.
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