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      Introduce libvcsn-common-ex.la in addition to libvcsn-common.la · 4ddbd80e
      Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
      to decide whether exceptions should be used in preconditions.
      This fixes errors in taf-kit's test-suite when compiled with GCC
      4.4.  The code was making the bogus assumption that the inline
      function trap() was not inlined in the context libraries (compiled
      without exceptions) and could therefore be overwritten as a weak
      symbol in TAF-Kit (to use exceptions).
      * include/vaucanson/misc/contract.hh (vcsn::misc::contract::trap):
      Leave only a declaration and move the definition...
      * src/misc/contract.cc: ... in this new file.
      * lib/src/libcommon.mk: Adjust for contract.cc and build two
      libraries: libvcsn-common.la (with abort()) and
      libvcsn-common-ex.la (with exceptions).
      * data/automata/char-b/Makefile.am,
      data/automata/char-z/Makefile.am, taf-kit/src/Makefile.am,
      vaucanswig/meta/Makefile.am, src/tests/sanity/Makefile.am,
      src/tests/xml/Makefile.am: Link with libvcsn-common.la or
      * taf-kit/src/common.hh (EXCEPTION_TRAPS): Remove #define.
      * src/bench/common/bench.mk (AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove useless
      * vaucanswig/expand.sh: Likewise.
      * src/tests/check/Makefile.am: Build libcheck.la instead
      of libcheck.a, so we can depend on libvcsn-common-ex.la
      * src/tests/check/check.mk: Use libcheck.la and
      * src/tests/test-suites/test-suite.mk: Don't define
      EXCEPTION_TRAPS and don't add libvcsn-common-ex.la to LDADD
      (check.mk already does it).
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