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    valuesets: improve the `text` format, and introduce `sname` · 0104587d
    Akim Demaille authored
    Clarify the `text` format.  Currently it serves two purposes:
    - to present the user with a readable definition of the valueset.
      This is a failure: `lal_char(abc), b` is unpleasant to read.
      We would prefer `{abc} → 𝔹`.
    - to build the snames.  This is a failure too, as we had to introduce
      a specific format (format::generators) to print generators, instead
      of `text`.
    So rename `generators` as `sname`, and use the latter name instead of
    `text` to build signatures.  Let's make `text` produce a human
    readable result, using UTF-8.
    * vcsn/misc/format.hh, lib/vcsn/misc/format.cc (generators): Rename as...
    (sname): this.
    * vcsn/alphabets/char.hh, vcsn/alphabets/setalpha.hh,
    * vcsn/alphabets/string.hh, vcsn/core/rat/expansionset.hh,
    * vcsn/core/rat/expressionset.hxx, vcsn/ctx/context.hh,
    * vcsn/labelset/letterset.hh, vcsn/labelset/nullableset.hh,
    * vcsn/labelset/oneset.hh, vcsn/labelset/tupleset.hh,
    * vcsn/labelset/wordset.hh, vcsn/weightset/b.hh,
    * vcsn/weightset/log.hh, vcsn/weightset/nmin.hh,
    * vcsn/weightset/polynomialset.hh, vcsn/weightset/q.hh,
    * vcsn/weightset/qmp.hh, vcsn/weightset/r.hh,
    * vcsn/weightset/rmin.hh, vcsn/weightset/z.hh,
    * vcsn/weightset/zmin.hh
    (print_set): Be consistent in the support of `latex`, `sname`
    and `text`.
    * vcsn/algos/dot.hh: Adjust: ask for `sname`.
    * tests/python/context.py: Likewise.