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......@@ -7,6 +7,42 @@ This file describes user visible changes in the course of the development of
Vcsn, in reverse chronological order. On occasions, significant changes in
the internal API may also be documented.
# Vcsn 2.8 (2018-05-08)
## New Features
### vcsn diagnose: check that Vcsn is properly installed
This tool runs a few commands to check that Vcsn works properly. It
generates diagnostics that help the Vcsn team understand problems on the
user side.
## Bug Fixes
### Spontaneous transitions in literal automata
In literal automata, transitions without explicit label were accepted but
misinterpreted. For instance in this automaton in Daut:
context = lao, q
$ 0 <2>
0 1 <3>
1 $ <4>
the pre- and post-transitions have no label, but are weighted (by 2 and 4).
The inner transition between states 0 and 1 should be labeled with `\e` (and
be weighted by 3). Unfortunately the user was expected to make the `\e`
context = lao, q
$ 0 <2>
0 1 <3>\e
1 $ <4>
otherwise unexpected results would be yielded (for instance the first
automaton was considered proper).
Now, missing labels are interpreted as the empty word, and both
specifications above denote the same automaton.
# Vcsn 2.7 (2018-03-25)
We are happy to announce the release of Vcsn 2.7. This is mostly a bug fix
......@@ -5656,11 +5692,11 @@ LocalWords: expressionsets involutivity hopcroft starrable Gillard Boillod
LocalWords: Thibaud Michaud executables ldiv ldivide lweight rdiv rdivide
LocalWords: rweight bd quotkbaseb abcac SVG demangle gdb Vcsn's boxart baz
LocalWords: dijkstra acca FAdo's Sarasvati Moutoucomarapoulé Younes param
LocalWords: Khoudli unabbreviated cerny lgcd ARGS qux quuux wrt Vcsners
LocalWords: Khoudli unabbreviated cerny lgcd ARGS qux quuux wrt Vcsners ef
LocalWords: SMS libyaml cpp Sms François Yvon ipynb ipython Qunused Harald
LocalWords: cxxflags Eppstein eppstein Soudière Schilly SageMathCloud prog
LocalWords: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz macOS rpath Doxygen doxygen Tupling
LocalWords: tupleset dir dbf CoCalc ints xfe
LocalWords: tupleset dir dbf CoCalc ints xfe bzip sms dcae
Local Variables:
coding: utf-8
......@@ -92,6 +92,10 @@ commands to help you start using it.
Opens the documentation.
- `vcsn diagnose`
Checks that Vcsn is installed properly, and generates diagnostics.
- `vcsn --help`
List the available commands.
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