Commit 1e196bab authored by Sébastien Piat's avatar Sébastien Piat
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tests: change is_equivalent prerequisites in CHECK_EQUIV

Do not try is_equivalent on automata with expressionset weightset.

* tests/bin/ Here.
parent 4f8e07f1
......@@ -156,6 +156,10 @@ def normalize(a):
return a.automaton(vcsn.context(to))
def can_test_equivalence(a):
ctx = str(a.context())
expressionset_ws = re.match('.*expressionset<.*>', ctx) is None
return not(ctx.endswith('min')) and expressionset_ws
def CHECK_EQUIV(a1, a2):
'''Check that `a1` and `a2` are equivalent. Also works for
......@@ -163,10 +167,10 @@ def CHECK_EQUIV(a1, a2):
num = 10
# Cannot compute equivalence on Zmin, approximate with shortest.
if str(a1.context()).endswith('zmin') or str(a2.context()).endswith('zmin'):
res = a1.proper().shortest(num) == a2.proper().shortest(num)
if can_test_equivalence(a1) and can_test_equivalence(a2):
res = a1.is_equivalent(a2)
res = a1.proper().shortest(num) == a2.proper().shortest(num)
except RuntimeError as e:
FAIL("cannot check equivalence: " + str(e))
res = False
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