Commit 3a4af962 authored by Akim Demaille's avatar Akim Demaille
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tests: provide better error message for automata

* tests/bin/ (CHECK_EQ): here.
parent 59225d48
......@@ -88,6 +88,12 @@ def here():
return finfo.filename + ":" + str(finfo.lineno)
def automaton(a):
if not isinstance(a, vcsn.automaton):
a = vcsn.automaton(a)
return a
def FAIL(*msg, **kwargs):
global count, nfail
count += 1
......@@ -145,15 +151,24 @@ def CHECK(effective, msg='', loc=None):
def CHECK_EQ(expected, effective, loc=None):
"Check that `effective` is equal to `expected`."
'Check that `effective` is equal to `expected`.'
aut = isinstance(effective, vcsn.automaton)
if isinstance(expected, str) and not isinstance(effective, str):
effective = str(effective)
if expected == effective:
msg = 'Unexpected result'
if aut:
expaut = automaton(expected)
effaut = automaton(effective)
if expaut.is_isomorphic(effaut):
msg += ' (different but isomorphic)'
msg += ' (different and not even isomorphic)'
exp = format(expected)
eff = format(effective)
FAIL("Unexpected result", loc=loc)
FAIL(msg, loc=loc)
rst_file("Expected output", exp)
rst_file("Effective output", eff)
rst_diff(exp, eff)
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