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tests: simplify

* tests/python/ here.
* tests/bin/ Remove extraneous spaces.
parent 01d2be0c
......@@ -122,9 +122,9 @@ def FAIL(*msg, **kwargs):
# will be reported anyway by the TAP driver.
m = ' '.join(msg)
if m.count("\n") == 0:
print('not ok ', count, m)
print('not ok', count, m)
print('not ok ', count)
print('not ok', count)
loc = kwargs['loc'] if 'loc' in kwargs and kwargs['loc'] else here()
print(loc + ": fail:", *msg)
......@@ -17,10 +17,17 @@ def label(l):
def aut(e):
return exp(e).automaton()
def divide(fun, l, r):
if fun == 'ldivide':
return l.ldivide(r)
return l.rdivide(r)
def check_fun(fun, res, l, r):
lhs = aut(l)
rhs = aut(r)
eff = fun(lhs, rhs)
eff = divide(fun, lhs, rhs)
# Make sure that we did not modify the rhs. This did happen with
# ldivide.
CHECK_EQ(lhs, aut(l))
......@@ -32,19 +39,11 @@ def check_fun(fun, res, l, r):
SKIP('invalid expression', res)
return eff
def ldivide(l, r):
return l.ldivide(r)
def rdivide(l, r):
return l.rdivide(r)
def check(l, r, resl, resr = None):
def check(l, r, resl, resr=None):
if resr is None:
resr = resl
print('ldivide', file=sys.stderr)
check_fun(ldivide, resl, l, r)
print('rdivide', file=sys.stderr)
check_fun(rdivide, resr, r, l)
check_fun('ldivide', resl, l, r)
check_fun('rdivide', resr, r, l)
# Boolean. Very important, as we have two different implementations.
ctx = 'lal, b'
......@@ -76,11 +75,10 @@ CHECK_EQ(metext('rdiv.gv'), aut('a*b*').rdivide(aut('a+b')))
# Cross check with derived_term and inductive,standard.
def check(l, r):
for f in [ldivide, rdivide]:
print("Checking: {}, {}".format(l, r))
divide_exp = f(l, r)
divide_aut = check_fun(f, divide_exp, l, r)
for fun in ['ldivide', 'rdivide']:
print("{}: {}, {}".format(fun, l, r))
divide_exp = divide(fun, l, r)
divide_aut = check_fun(fun, divide_exp, l, r)
if divide_aut.is_valid():
for algo in ['expansion', 'inductive,standard']:
......@@ -127,21 +125,23 @@ check_div(r'<2>c+<3>d', '<2>ab')
## --------------------- ##
def check(fun, l, r, res):
CHECK_EQ(res, fun(label(l), label(r)))
CHECK_EQ(res, divide(fun, label(l), label(r)))
check(ldivide, 'a', 'ab', 'b')
check(ldivide, 'aba', 'abaaba', 'aba')
check(ldivide, r'\e', 'abaaba', 'abaaba')
check(ldivide, r'\e', r'\e', r'\e')
check('ldivide', 'a', 'ab', 'b')
check('ldivide', 'aba', 'abaaba', 'aba')
check('ldivide', r'\e', 'abaaba', 'abaaba')
check('ldivide', r'\e', r'\e', r'\e')
XFAIL(lambda: ldivide(label('b'), label('ab')), "ldivide: invalid arguments: b, ab")
XFAIL(lambda: label('b').ldivide(label('ab')),
'ldivide: invalid arguments: b, ab')
check(rdivide, 'ba', 'a', 'b')
check(rdivide, 'abaaba', 'aba', 'aba')
check(rdivide, 'abaaba', r'\e', 'abaaba')
check(rdivide, r'\e', r'\e', r'\e')
check('rdivide', 'ba', 'a', 'b')
check('rdivide', 'abaaba', 'aba', 'aba')
check('rdivide', 'abaaba', r'\e', 'abaaba')
check('rdivide', r'\e', r'\e', r'\e')
XFAIL(lambda: rdivide(label('a'), label('ab')), "rdivide: invalid arguments: a, ab")
XFAIL(lambda: label('a').rdivide(label('ab')),
'rdivide: invalid arguments: a, ab')
## --------------------------------- ##
## ldivide(polynomial, polynomial). ##
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