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vcsn doc: open local documentation when not installed

* tests/bin/ (VCSN_DOCDIR): Define it.
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......@@ -8,11 +8,10 @@ export abs_builddir='@abs_top_builddir@'
# Where the instantiated contexts are generated and compiled.
export VCSN_PLUGINDIR=$abs_builddir/lib/plugins
# Use the shipped files, not those installed.
# Use the local files, not those installed.
export VCSN_DATADIR=${VCSN_DATADIR-$abs_srcdir/share/vcsn}
export VCSN_DATA_PATH=${VCSN_DATA_PATH-$VCSN_DATADIR:$abs_builddir/share/vcsn}
# Use the built files, not those installed.
export VCSN_DOCDIR=${VCSN_DOCDIR-$abs_srcdir/doc}
export VCSN_LIBEXECDIR=${VCSN_LIBEXECDIR-$abs_srcdir/libexec:$abs_builddir/libexec}
# Let bin/vcsn know what path it should use.
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