Commit 60fb7b9f authored by Sébastien Piat's avatar Sébastien Piat
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tests: check for accessible before calling isomorphic

Avoid errors on tests.

* tests/bin/ Here.
parent 952a1053
......@@ -162,7 +162,10 @@ def CHECK_EQ(expected, effective, loc=None):
if aut:
expaut = automaton(expected)
effaut = automaton(effective)
if expaut.is_isomorphic(effaut):
if not effaut.is_accessible():
msg += (" (different, but cannot check whether isomorphic"
", as is not accessible)")
elif expaut.is_isomorphic(effaut):
msg += ' (different but isomorphic)'
msg += ' (different and not even isomorphic)'
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