1. 31 Jan, 2013 4 commits
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      doc: Include missing package. · 460bd54f
      David Moreira authored
      * doc/fsmxml/fsmxml.spec.tex: The package xspace was missing.
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      xml: Rename and correct FSMXML node or attribute. · 820b9d7d
      David Moreira authored
      * vcsn/algos/xml/ratexpvisitor.hh, vcsn/algos/xml/ratexpvisitor.hxx,
        vcsn/algos/xml/weight-visitor.hh, vcsn/algos/xml/weight-visitor.hxx:
        Delete {left|right} prefix for weight node.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/ratexpvisitor.hxx (atom): Correct the hierarchy
        following FSMXML specification.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/structure.hh: Correct genKind attribute ("digit" ->
    • David Moreira's avatar
      Delete useless comments. · aa00b0cb
      David Moreira authored
      * vcsn/algos/xml/weight-visitor.hxx: Here.
    • David Moreira's avatar
      xml: Read a rational expression. · 07bad88b
      David Moreira authored
      * vcsn/algos/xml.hh: Static and dynamic layer for xml reading when we
        have the context.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/error-handlers.hh: Handler for reading errors.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/expression-handlers.hh: Read and build a rational
      * vcsn/algos/xml/handlers-base.hh: Adapt for rational expression
      * vcsn/algos/xml/read.hh, vcsn/algos/xml/fsmxml.hh,
        vcsn/algos/xml/value-type.hh: Details of implementation for reading
        a xml file.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/tools.hh: Equal operators for xerces string.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/xml-eq.hh: Sort and add new xerces string.
      * vcsn/ctx/instantiate.hh, lib/vcsn/algos/xml.cc vcsn/algos/dyn.hh:
        Dynamic layer for xml reading.
      * lib/vcsn/algos/read.cc: Dynamic algorithm read in xml.
      * vcsn/Makefile.am: Add new headers.
  2. 24 Jan, 2013 2 commits
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      xml: Clean write. · c74bd545
      David Moreira authored
      * vcsn/algos/xml.hh: Export write implementation...
      * vcsn/algos/xml/write.hh: ...Here.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/structure.hh: Missing include.
      * vcsn/algos/xml/tools.hh: Clean headers.
    • David Moreira's avatar
      Weight Sets describe theirs operations. · 014e67cc
      David Moreira authored
      * vcsn/core/rat/ratexpset.hh, vcsn/core/rat/ratexpset.hxx,
      vcsn/weights/b.hh, vcsn/weights/polynomialset.hh, vcsn/weights/z.hh,
      vcsn/weights/zmin.hh: With opname method.
  3. 20 Jan, 2013 2 commits
  4. 19 Jan, 2013 1 commit
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      tests: remove useless binary · 87090672
      Akim Demaille authored
      * tests/unit/determinize.cc: Remove.
      * tests/unit/determinize.chk: Use vcsn-ladybird instead.
      * tests/unit/local.mk: Adjust.
  5. 18 Jan, 2013 8 commits
  6. 14 Jan, 2013 5 commits
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      style: clean up bin/ · 51b258de
      Akim Demaille authored
      * bin/vcsn-aut-to-exp.cc, bin/vcsn-cat.cc, bin/vcsn-de-bruijn.cc,
      * bin/vcsn-determinize.cc, bin/vcsn-ladybird.cc, bin/vcsn-lift.cc,
      * bin/vcsn-standard-of.cc, bin/vcsn-transpose.cc:
      Remove useless includes.
      Be sure to honor the output format.
      Indentation fixes.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      bin: let vcsn-determinize and vcsn-evaluate use the common interface · 65fb553b
      Akim Demaille authored
      * bin/vcsn-determinize.cc, bin/vcsn-evaluate.cc: Use parse-args.
      * bin/vcsn-standard-of.cc: Remove useless incluce.
      * tests/unit/determinize.chk, tests/unit/eval.chk, bin/local.mk: Adjust.
      * NEWS.txt: Doc it.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      dot: no longer use the vcsn_genset field · 36069711
      Akim Demaille authored
      The contexts are now completely described, and constructible, from
      their "name", enriched with the list of the generators.
      * vcsn/algos/dot.hh: Do not output the vcsn_genset field.
      * vcsn/ctx/ctx.hh (labelset_string): Remove, was used only for Dot.
      * lib/vcsn/dot/driver.cc, lib/vcsn/dot/driver.hh,
      * lib/vcsn/dot/parse.yy, tests/unit/aut_lal_char_z.chk,
      * tests/unit/aut_lau_char_z.chk, tests/unit/aut_law_char_z.chk,
      * tests/unit/de-bruijn.chk, tests/unit/determinize.chk,
      * tests/unit/eval.chk, tests/unit/ladybird.chk,
      * tests/unit/product.chk, tests/unit/standard_of.chk,
      * tests/unit/transpose.chk, tests/unit/vcsn-cat.chk:
      * NEWS.txt: Document.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      make-context: read a fully qualified context name · fc7427b4
      Akim Demaille authored
      The context-name are now read with their generators.
      * vcsn/algos/make-context.hh (make_context): Find the generators in
      the context name instead of in an additional argument.
      * bin/parse-args.cc, bin/vcsn-de-bruijn.cc, bin/vcsn-ladybird.cc:
      Add the generators passed via option "-g" to the context name.
      Adjust to make_context having a single argument.
      * lib/vcsn/algos/make-context.cc, lib/vcsn/dot/driver.cc, vcsn/algos/dyn.hh:
      Adjust: make_context has a single argument now .
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      vcsn-*: fix variable name · 989942ee
      Akim Demaille authored
      * bin/parse-args.hh, bin/parse-args.cc (options::labelset_describ):
      Rename as...
      (gens): this.
      * bin/vcsn-de-bruijn.cc, bin/vcsn-ladybird.cc: Adjust.
  7. 13 Jan, 2013 18 commits
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      build: fix distcheck issues · 88bb8eed
      Akim Demaille authored
      * bin/local.mk, vcsn/Makefile.am: Ship missing files.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      maint: Lpoly.hh -> polynomialset.hh · c6b44f36
      Akim Demaille authored
      For consistency.
      * tests/unit/poly.chk: Rename as...
      * tests/unit/polynomialset.chk: this.
      * tests/unit/poly.cc: Rename as...
      * tests/unit/polynomialset.cc: this.
      * vcsn/weights/poly.hh: Rename as...
      * vcsn/weights/polynomialset.hh: this.
      Adjust dependencies.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      weights: fix signatures · 51f0a934
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/weights/b.hh, vcsn/weights/z.hh, vcsn/weights/zmin.hh (vname):
      The argument has a default value.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      ctx: let the labelset present itself · 76bf4a2a
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/alphabets/char.hh, vcsn/alphabets/setalpha.hh (sname, vname): New.
      * vcsn/ctx/ctx.hh: Use them.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      tests: remove hard-coded ladybird · 8f18f2a5
      Akim Demaille authored
      * tests/unit/lift.chk: here.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      dyn: ladybird, and vcsn-ladybird · 087f09be
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/factory/ladybird.hh (dyn::ladybird): New, modeled after dyn::de_bruijn.
      * vcsn/algos/dyn.hh, vcsn/ctx/instantiate.hh: Declare and register it.
      * bin/vcsn-ladybird.cc: New, modeled after vcsn-de-bruijn.cc.
      * bin/local.mk: Adjust.
      * common.mk: Adjust.
      * lib/vcsn/algos/ladybird.cc: New, modeled after de-bruijn.cc.
      * lib/vcsn/local.mk: Adjust.
      * tests/unit/ladybird.cc: Remove.
      * tests/unit/ladybird.chk: Use vcsn-ladybird instead.
      * tests/unit/local.mk: Adjust.
      * NEWS.txt: Document.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      de-bruijn: generalize and improve the command line tool · f9fccb86
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/factory/de_bruijn.hh: No longer work only for 'a' and 'b'.
      * bin/vcsn-de-bruijn.cc: Use the common command line interface.
      * bin/local.mk, tests/unit/determinize.chk: Adjust.
      * tests/unit/de-bruijn.chk: New.
      * tests/unit/local.mk: Adjust.
      * tests/unit/standard_of.chk: Space change.
      * NEWS.txt: Document.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      context: inline the definition of the generators in the name · e3f59076
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/ctx/ctx.hh: here.
      * tests/unit/lift.chk, tests/unit/standard_of.chk,
      * tests/unit/transpose.chk, vcsn/algos/lift.hh: Adjust.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      lift: remove useless allocation · 12cb8a98
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/algos/lift.hh: Now that we use a shared_ptr, this allocation
      is useless.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      parse-rat: handle, and return, a dyn::ratexp · 6429a5eb
      Akim Demaille authored
      This simplifies the code.  It is also simpler and saner to use fewer
      types in our interfaces: dyn::ratexp is exactly what we need here,
      even if there is so duplication of the context: once as a member of
      dyn::ratexp, and another time as a member of the driver.  The latter
      might be removable.
      * lib/vcsn/rat/driver.hh, lib/vcsn/rat/driver.cc (context_): New member.
      Remove the ctor from a ratexpset.
      (parse_, parse_string, parse_file): Return a dyn::ratexp.
      * lib/vcsn/algos/read.cc, vcsn/core/rat/ratexpset.hxx: Adjust.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      dyn: manage ratexpset via shared pointers · ccdf3924
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/core/rat/fwd.hh (dyn::ratexpset): New.
      * vcsn/algos/make-context.hh, lib/vcsn/algos/make-context.cc
      (make_ratexpset): Use it.
      * lib/vcsn/rat/driver.hh, vcsn/algos/dyn.hh: Adjust.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      tests: fix dependencies · a98daa74
      Akim Demaille authored
      * tests/unit/local.mk: here.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      make-context: return a dyn::context · 8fb53fb9
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/algos/make-context.hh: Return a dyn::context instead of a dyn::context*.
      * bin/parse-args.cc, bin/vcsn-de-bruijn.cc, lib/vcsn/dot/driver.cc,
      * vcsn/algos/dyn.hh: Adjust.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      dyn: let context be shared_ptr too · 5ceafe97
      Akim Demaille authored
      The choice to make dyn::context a genuine structure (but abstract) is
      unpleasant, and we have to handle it by pointer, which introduces
      nasty memory management issues.  And actually, Valgrind was quite
      furious on vcsn-lift for instance (the lifted automaton used the
      context of the origin automaton, which was deleted).
      Therefore apply the same pattern here: the abstract root is
      dyn::abstract_context, and dyn::context is a shared_ptr to it.
      * vcsn/ctx/ctx.hh (context): Rename as...
      (abstract_context): this.
      (context): New.
      (make_context): Provide a convenient overload.
      * vcsn/ctx/fwd.hh: Adjust.
      * lib/vcsn/algos/de_bruijn.cc, lib/vcsn/algos/edit-automaton.cc,
      * lib/vcsn/algos/make-context.cc, lib/vcsn/algos/registry.hh,
      * lib/vcsn/ctx/ctx.cc, vcsn/algos/aut_to_exp.hh,
      * vcsn/algos/edit-automaton.hh, vcsn/algos/make-context.hh,
      * vcsn/algos/transpose.hh, vcsn/core/rat/abstract_ratexpset.hh,
      * vcsn/dyn/ratexp.hh, vcsn/factory/de_bruijn.hh:
      Adjust to dyn::context being now a pointer type.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      ratexpset: fix memory management issue · 7ea13477
      Akim Demaille authored
      * vcsn/core/rat/ratexpset.hh (ctx_): Keep a copy, instead of a
      reference.  This is especially troublesome when building complex
      contexts where ratexpset must keep a copy of the inner contexts.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      style: disable some compiler-generated functions · f0ce32fd
      Akim Demaille authored
      I have looked for a memory management issue, and to track it down
      I have disabled some of the following functions.  Some might work,
      and deleting them is useless.  Yet let's play it safe, and wait for
      an actual need to restore (and test) them.
      * vcsn/alphabets/setalpha.hh, vcsn/core/mutable_automaton.hh,
      * vcsn/weights/poly.hh: here.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      tests: provide a means to call valgrind · 860962d8
      Akim Demaille authored
      * tests/checker: Use PREPROG.
    • Akim Demaille's avatar
      build: add missing dependency · 5ad53240
      Akim Demaille authored
      * common.mk: here.