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    Plug image_entry's inheritance to the right image dimension · be241bbb
    Roland Levillain authored
    	abstraction according to the grid type of the exact image type.
    	* oln/core/abstract/image_entry.hh: Add switch/case equipment in
    	the oln namespace.
    	* oln/core/abstract/image_dimension.hh
    	(case_<grid_dim_tag, grid_type, 1>)
    	(case_<grid_dim_tag, grid_type, 2>)
    	(case_<grid_dim_tag, grid_type, 3>)
    	(default_case_<grid_dim_tag, grid_type>): New Metalic switch/case
    	on grid type, returning the corresponding image dimension type.
    	(set_entry_node<I, oln::abstract::dimension_tag>): Use this Metalic
    	switch/case to choose the dimension abstraction in the inheritance
    	* oln/core/abstract/image.hh (vtypes): Don't define
    	image_dimension_type as an internal vtype, instead...
    	* oln/core/abstract/image_dimension.hh
    	(oln::ext_vtype<category::image, abstract::image<I>,
    	typedef_::image_dimension_type>): ...define it externally, using
    	the switch used inheritance-plugging mechanism based on the grid
    	* tests/image_entry.cc (oln): Adjust.
    	Check my::image's virtual types.
    	Print my::image's vtypes on the standard output.
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