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    Two new features in Qt interface. · 07a17b94
    Arthur Crepin-Leblond authored and Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara committed
            * demo/viewer/browser_widget.cc,
            * demo/viewer/browser_widget.hh: Add arrows to change image and keep
            XML step.
            * demo/viewer/key_widget.cc,
            * demo/viewer/key_widget.hh: Change ListWidget to TreeWidget, Items can be
            disabled/enabled in groups.
            * demo/viewer/step_widget.cc,
            * demo/viewer/step_widget.hh: Small changes to keep the step when next/prev.
    	picture is chosen.
            * demo/viewer/viewer.cc,
            * demo/viewer/xml_widget.cc: Layout adjustement.
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