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    Implements spot::ltl::destroy() and exercise it. · 9123e56f
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    * src/ltlast/atomic_prop.hh: Declare instance_count().
    * src/ltlast/binop.hh, src/ltlast/unop.hh, src/ltlast/multop.hh:
    Likewise.  Also, really inherit for ref_formula this time.
    * src/ltlast/atomic_prop.cc, src/ltlast/binop.cc,
    src/ltlast/unop.cc, src/ltlast/multop.cc: On destruction, suppress
    the instance from the instance map.  Implement instance_count().
    * src/ltlast/formula.cc, src/ltlast/formula.hh,
    src/ltlast/ref_formula.cc, src/ltlast/ref_formula.hh: Add virtual
    * src/ltlparse/ltlparse.yy: Recover from binary operators with
    missing right hand operand (the point is just to destroy the
    the left hand operand).
    * src/ltltest/equals.cc, src/ltltest/readltl.cc,
    src/ltltest/tostring.cc: Destroy used formulae.  Make sure
    instance_count()s are null are the end.
    * src/ltltest/parseerr.test: Adjust expected result, now
    that the parser lnows about missing right hand operands.
    * src/ltlvisit/destroy.hh, src/ltlvisit/destroy.cc,
    src/ltlvisit/postfix.hh, src/ltlvisit/postfix.cc: New files.
    * src/ltlvisit/Makefile.am (libltlvisit_la_SOURCES): Add them.
    * src/ltlvisit/lunabbrev.cc (Xor, Equiv): Clone formulae
    occurring twice in the rewritten expression.