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    man: improve typesetting and prepare for html output · f7b65001
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    * src/bin/man/autfilt.x, src/bin/man/dstar2tgba.x,
    src/bin/man/ltl2tgba.x, src/bin/man/ltlcross.x,
    src/bin/man/ltlgrind.x, src/bin/man/randltl.x, src/bin/man/spot-x.x:
    Improve typesetting and cross-references.
    * tools/help2man: Adjust to better detect the optional arguments.
    Detect options that are not separated from their description by two
    spaces.  Argp output some of those.
    * tools/man2html.pl: New file.
    * Makefile.am: Distribute it.
    * src/bin/ltlfilt.cc: Fix description of --define.
    * src/bin/ltlgrind.cc: Fix duplicate description for --help and
    --version.  Reorder --help output slightly.
    * NEWS: Mention the few fixes.
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