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    2006-10-26 Florent Terrones <terron_f@lrde.epita.fr> · 0a0bbdc6
    Florent Terrones authored
    	* data/vaucanson.xsd: Split the `expressionAttributes' into two
    	attribute groups: `atomAttributes' and `nodeAttributes'.
    	Add left and right weights for nodes of an expression.
    	Refine the drawing tag.
    	* doc/xml/xml_proposal.tex: Update accordingly.
    	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/rat/xml_exp_visitor.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/rat/xml_exp_visitor.hxx:
    	Add the support of left and right weights for output. Fix a bug	about
    	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/rat/exp.hh,
    	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/rat/exp.hxx: Minor fix.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/tools.hxx: Add the support of left and right
    	weights for input.
    	* src/tests/xml/xml_label_node_tester.cc: Enhance the tests on weights.
    	* src/tests/xml/label_node_ref.xml,
    	* src/tests/xml/label_node_ref.dot: Update accordingly.