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    dyn: introduce make_ function to facilitate the parsing from a string · d2887d72
    Akim Demaille authored
    * vcsn/dyn/algos.hh, vcsn/dyn/algos.hxx (make_automaton)
    (make_expression, make_label, make_polynomial, make_weight): New.
    * build-aux/bin/oodyn-gen: Use them.
    * build-aux/bin/tools-gen: Skip these `make_` functions, they are
    useless in tools, use -E, -A, etc. instead.
    While at it, report the function we ignore.
    * build-aux/bin/oodyn-gen, build-aux/bin/tools-gen: Make sure we won't
    stick on stdin, as was the case for a precursor of this commit.